Affilate program

Your reward depends on the countries where are watching your video (based on the 10,000 views)

Zone 1 United States, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Bolivia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Venezuela, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, Hungary, Argentina, Turkey, Chile, Colombia
up to 80.00
Zone 2 All other countries
up to 10.00


  1. The minimum payout 50 NetuUSD.
  2. Payments are made automatically.
  3. The video should be viewed for at least 20% .
  4. Payments are made ​​through the system Paypal or of Webmoney (of WMZ)
  5. The list of countries, as well as the amount of compensation may be changed at any time.
  6. Only counts unique users who viewed the video. (Unique user can be only once every 24 hours)
  7. Trying to cheat or views used to increase video viewing spam, leading to an immediate ban user.
  8. You must comply with all terms of use and terms of service. Failure to comply with the rules leads to a frozen account or complete removal.
  9. NetuUSD internal site currency does not equal any of the currencies of countries and does not obligate us to any or financial relations with the users.